Press Statement: WPF supports NTIA Short Form Notice Code of Conduct to Promote Transparency in Mobile App Practices


Statement of the World Privacy Forum


U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA Short Form Notice Code of Conduct to Promote Transparency in Mobile Apps


July 25, 2013 — Washington, D.C. The World Priavcy Forum, after a year of hard work as a leading part of the core drafting group in the U.S. Deparment of Commerce NTIA Multistakeholder process, is pleased to support the NTIA voluntary code of conduct for mobile app short form notices. This code, the first drafted with meaningful consumer input, represents innovation in privacy short form notices and an incremental and positive step forward for consumer privacy.

We are supporting this code because the incremental but significant privacy improvements for consumers include persistent privacy notice in mobile apps, definitional improvements over current self regulatory regimes, and robust consumer education potential.

“We must have an affirmative vision of the privacy future that we want and take persistent steps towards making that real. Stepping forward to work on this project was part of our efforts to accomplish this goal,” said Pam Dixon, executive Director of the World Privacy Forum.

We thank Assistant Secretary Larry Strickling, John Verdi, John Morris and the NTIA for their thoughtful and consistent support in facilitating our participation in this process. We also want to thank and acknowledge in particular the work of the early core drafting group, which in addition to the World Privacy Forum includes Tim Sparapani of Application Developers Alliance, Chris Calabrese of ACLU, Michelle DeMooy of Consumer Action, Jules Polonetsky of FPF, Amanda Pedigo of Intuit, Jim Halpert of DLA Piper, and Saira Nayak of Trustee.

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