News Release: WPF Publishes New e-Health Privacy Resources for Consumers


July 15, 2013

New Consumer Tipsheets, FAQ, and Glossary about Health Information Exchanges

Patients have a new resource that simplifies the clutter and confusion around Health Information Exchanges. WPF has published a new HIE Tipsheet and FAQ. These resources are written for consumers, and delivers bite-sized, digestible information about the most important privacy aspects of electronic health exchanges that patients need to know about. Questions we tackle include:

  • Is my medical record being shared electronically?
  • What is an HIE?
  • What parts of my health information gets exchanged in HIEs?
  • Do I have to give permission for my health information to be shared in an HIE?
  • What are the privacy risks of HIEs?
  • How can I request all of my medical records that have been exchanged in an HIE?

The new resources also include videos for consumers who prefer to watch tips instead of read them.

See our HIE tipsheet, glossary, and FAQ.

WPF thanks the California Consumer Protection Foundation for their generous grant that allowed us to conduct the research and create this significant update.