California consumers get new smartphone remote lock law, plus tips for iPhone users

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California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law today that requires smartphone phone manufacturers to put a “kill switch” (remote lock) in phones, and to turn it on by default. Lawmakers have stated that they see this as an important way to reduce smart phone crimes. For consumers, it’s a way to prevent our personal information from getting into the wrong hands when we misplace, lose, or otherwise are missing our smartphones.

Apple users can already use Find My iPhone as a remote lock. Specifically, a feature called Activation Lock  within Find My iPhone is full remote lock. Activation Lock is  automatically enabled when you turn on Find My iPhone in iOS 7. If you have an older iOS iPhone with Find My iPhone activated, when you upgrade to ios7, you will find that Activation Lock will be automatically enabled. (From Apple Support.)

More on Activation Lock for iPhone users:

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