Video: Healthy Cities Project in China — 20 million health records in the cloud (CES 2015, interview)

This video is part of our Health Technology series which explores emerging and important health technologies 

The Healthy Cities Project in China is one where mobile devices, mobile health mini-hubs, and sensors are the key way that patients, doctors, government, and enterprises can input, monitor, and access vital health statistics and other information in the cloud. The data flows in and out are based upon access controls. This system is important for study, because already 20 million people are using it in China, and it is a fully established infrastructure in those cities where it has been deployed. In the US, the Healthy Cities project is being studied by academics to see how it could be replicated in the US marketplace. The project is complex, and the World Privacy Forum is interested in the privacy and security specifications, and implications. Much interest in health data in the cloud has grown from the Healthy Cities project, among other projects. We fully expect this trend to continue.

This video is an introduction to the Healthy Cities Project, with a look at some of the mini-hubs, some sensors, and is well-described by one of the experts working on the project, Andrew Ling. This video was filmed at CES 2015.

Watch the videoHealthy Cities Project in China (4:06)

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Producer: Blake Hamilton


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