Collections Scoring, Privacy, and Consumer Impacts

This coming Thursday, Pam Dixon will be presenting new research on collections scoring, privacy, and impacts on low and middle income consumers. The Dixon/Gellman report, The Scoring of America, sparked a national conversation about analytics and fairness in the realm of consumer scores. This talk focuses on one particular category of scoring, that of using a variety of information to determine how “collectible” a consumer is, that is, if they can pay their debt. The collection score tells debt collectors which consumers to attempt to collect debts from, and which to ignore.

Collection scoring is a rapidly growing industry, and collection scores are being increasingly used by a range of businesses to determine collectibility. But are these scores accurate? How do these scores impact low income and middle income families? How about victims of identity theft? Can consumers ever see or correct collection scores? What fairness policies should collection scoring use in the application of these scores? This talk will be given at a major industry gathering of collections experts, the Credit and Collection News annual conference.

When: Thursday April 16, 1:30 pm

Where: Dana Point, California

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