Privacy News: US Senate passes USA FREEDOM Act


June 2, 2015

San Diego — Today, the United States Senate passed the USA FREEDOM Act in a vote of 67 – 32. As passed, the final bill will limit the “bulk collection” of Americans’ phone data after the President has signed the bill into law.

“This bill reforms the National Security Agency’s collection of phone records, and it also provides important balances to the FISA court which will allow the court to proceed with more transparency and increased fairness,” said WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon.

The surveillance programs of the NSA have come into sharp relief since the revelations of Edward Snowden beginning in the summer of 2013. While Americans have been sharply divided about whether or not Snowden should have made those initial revelations, a spring 2015 Pew survey on privacy and surveillance found that 65% of Americans said there are not adequate limits on “what telephone and internet data the government can collect.” In the same survey, 93% of adults told Pew that “being in control of who can get information about them is important.”

“We are still interested in further reforms around medical privacy, for example, understanding how or if patients’ medical information is used or collected for surveillance purposes,” said Dixon, who noted that medical data and privacy had been a neglected area of the surveillance debate. “No matter what,  the passage of USA FREEDOM provides important improvements.”


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