Follow up and update to One Way Mirror Society Report

Pam Dixon will be presenting a one-hour seminar on privacy standards and developments and what they mean for digital signage at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas. DSE is the largest gathering of digital signage experts in the world. The privacy seminar will cover key US laws, new developments in privacy, including in Europe, and practical takeaways for assessing privacy problems and risks at the start of projects and planning for privacy protections.

“I am pleased to be sharing information with the most important industry leaders at this seminar,” said Dixon. “With the significant privacy changes coming from Europe, this is the right time for digital signage experts to update their knowledge and practices.” Dixon was the lead author of One Way Mirror Society, a groundbreaking report on digital signage networks and privacy. This seminar updates the 2010 report with new information and analysis.

What: DSE Seminar. This seminar is valid for DSEG certification or certification renewal.

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, N256

When: Wednesday March 16, 2016 9-10 am

More information about the seminar is available here.

The World Privacy Forum has done extensive research in the area of digital signage, including publishing the first privacy report about this topic in 2010. Our original report, One Way Mirror Society,  is here.