Events and Conferences

Deputy director Kate Kaye attending ACM FAccT conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Deputy Director Kate Kaye is in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 3-6 June to attend the leading conference on Artificial Intelligence and trustworthy AI in socio-technical systems, ACM’s Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT). While at the conference, Kaye will be interviewing paper authors and leading AI experts for forthcoming WPF podcasts, and to inform additional work.

ID4Africa’s 10th Annual General Meeting enters a new phase of growth and maturity: A perspective from Civil Society

ID4Africa celebrates its 10th Annual General Meeting this year in Cape Town, South Africa with a program that pushes against multiple boundaries and achieves a new breadth and greater inclusion of diverse stakeholders. ID4Africa’s AGM is easily the most significant identity conference in the world at this point. There are multiple reasons for this; an important one is that the knowledge content at ID4Africa is not replicated anywhere else. In the past, this knowledge base has been focused primarily around government stakeholders. This year, this roster will now carefully expand to civil society organizations that have been deeply involved with African ID systems to gather additional perspectives and foster cooperative dialogue.

Half-day tutorial on AI Governance, Data Protection, and Privacy: Advanced problem-solving for Computer Vision and More

WPF has organized a robust and interactive tutorial on advanced AI governance and privacy for Computer Vision systems (and beyond), to be held at the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV). WACV is the premier international computer vision event comprised of a main conference and several co-located workshops and tutorials.

What makes this AI governance and data protection tutorial compelling? The 8 speakers for this tutorial are working at the top of their respective fields, with presentations that combine to make a muscular, socio-technical dive into today’s most pressing issues around AI technology, governance, privacy, and policy structures. This tutorial is arranged in a logical flow that moves participants through the technical and the policy aspects of advanced systems development and governance. including technical, legal, ethical, and privacy analysis, as well as emerging norms and additional considerations to be aware of. The tutorial will include ample time for analysis and discussion, and will be participatory.

ABA Consumer Protection Conference 8-9 February in San Diego, CA: WPF co-hosting

WPF is delighted to announce that WPF’s Executive Director Pam Dixon is co-chairing the American Bar Association’s National Consumer Protection Conference with Chris Olsen, formerly in the FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau and now a partner at Wilson Sonsini. The conference will be hosted in San Diego 8-9 February, at the Westgate Hotel. Conference registration and