New updates to our Top Ten Opt Out Tips for Consumers

We have updated our popular Top Ten Opt Outs page for consumers. All of the links are fresh, and we have updated the text where it had gotten stale. I am frequently asked which of the opt outs is the most important. Really, that will depend on what is important for you. In general, though, I do have these recommendations:

  1. Do you have kids in school, or are you in school yourself? Be sure to look at the FERPA opt out.
  2. Do you have a bank or savings account, or a credit card? Be sure to look at the Financial Institution Opt Outs. They are important. Now, with many banks offering opt outs online and via the phone, opting out has never been easier.
  3. Are you getting deluged with mailed offers for credit cards? The prescreened offers of credit and insurance opt out will stop those offers from clogging your mailbox.
  4. Are you getting unwanted phone calls? The Do Not Call registry is still a great tool to greatly reduce telemarketing phone calls.

Be sure to let us know if you find a useful opt out; we’ll be sure to consider it in out next update.

–Pam Dixon

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