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WPF supports new FCC proposal to reduce robocalls and give consumers more choice

The FCC has announced that it will be considering a declaratory order and ruling June 18, 2015 on more than 20 petitions about robocalls. The ruling would update and clarify the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The news is very good for consumers, because the FCC has stated clearly in its announcement that phone companies must do more

Top Ten Opt Out list updated

Opt-out and how-to — The popular WPF Top Ten Opt Out List has been newly updated. We have added a new section to our list with step by step details on how to opt out of RapLeaf. We encourage consumers to view any of their profiles that exist at RapLeaf and to opt out of RapLeaf permanently. We have also updated the phone numbers and other information on the rest of our opt out list. To see more, visit our Opt Out List.

New telemarketing rules take effect today: more power over pre-recorded telemarketing calls

Telemarketing | Top Ten Opt Out List — Beginning today, pre-recorded telemarketing phone calls must come with an easy opt-out for consumers. If a pre-recorded telemarketing call is left on an answering machine, it must also include opt-out information. These rules will apply to telemarketers already subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule and Do Not Call List. There are some exemptions to the rule. For more details about the changes, see our Top Ten Opt Out List, which has been updated with the new information.

FTC reports more than 145 million telephone numbers are in the National Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Call Registry — In its fourth annual report to Congress on the Do Not Call Registry, the Federal Trade Commission released some interesting new statistics. As of September 2007, there were 145,498,656 telephone numbers in the Do Not Call Registry. The FTC also reported that 6,242 entities paid over $21 million for access to the DNC Registry in 2007. The report also details the FTC’s enforcement actions against businesses violating the DNC Registry rules. As of September 30, 2007, the FTC had filed 25 cases regarding DNC Registry violations and had settled 22 of the cases.

World Privacy Forum’s Top Ten Opt Out List

Top ten opt out list — This is a list of what top things to opt out of, and how to opt out. Millions of people have heard about the Do Not Call list, an opt out list that gets people off of telemarketing lists. But many fewer people have heard about the other opt outs that are available, like those that can take people out of data broker lists or opt outs that can stop schools from giving out directory information like email and home addresses. Opting out can range from the not-too-difficult (the Do Not Call list is a fairly simple opt out) to the challenging. This list is meant to simplify the information about which opt out does what, to help decide if a particular opt out is the right choice, and how to go about opting out.