Dixon to address the United Nations on women and privacy

WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon will address the United Nations on the issue of women and privacy, with a particular focus on how digital privacy issues impact women across the world. Dixon will be addressing delegates at the UN Headquarters in Vienna, Austria and will participate in a UN Women’s workshop where the theme of women, privacy, safety, and technology will be further addressed in practical terms. 

For this speech about key aspects of global privacy for women, Dixon will discuss the lynchpin role of identity ecosystems and and how identity impacts privacy issues related to the provisioning of services to women and families such as healthcare, financial services, subsidies, education, and more.

Dixon will also discuss key technologies, explaining where the privacy risks are, and are not. Biometrics, apps, platforms and mobile messaging will be part of this vibrant discussion of privacy and technology and its global impacts on women. 

Event is by invitation only. WPF will be writing a summary of the meeting. We will also be posting updates via our Twitter feed, @privacyforum.

Address topicGlobal digital privacy myths and realities for women 

Where: United Nations office, Vienna International Centre (VIC)

Wagramer Strasse 5, 1220 Vienna, Austria

When: November 7-9, 2018