WPF comments to NTIA re: privacy governance frameworks

In response to the NTIA’s request for information regarding its proposed privacy framework, the World Privacy Forum submitted detailed comments to the agency regarding modern privacy governance. At the core of WPF’s comments is the belief that privacy is in a critical moment of transition.

From the comments:

“The emerging world is one of rapid data transformation and data fusion. It requires an approach that will empower all stakeholders to participate in solutions and will provide an architecture for identifying, assessing, and mitigating privacy risk on an ongoing basis. This is modern governance, and correctly constructed, governance that will allow for a broadened approach to privacy and data that is collaborative, fair, and acknowledges the challenges of highly complex data environments. The challenges of the early Internet era are not the same challenges we face today. It therefore makes sense to adapt the frameworks we are using to solve new data-related problems.”

Read the complete comments here.

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