World Privacy Forum named as a top ten digital identity influencing organization globally 

WPF has been recognized as one of the leading organizations globally influencing privacy, security, inclusion, and fairness in digital identity systems. Goode Intelligence, which produces an annual report on digital identity around the world, has named WPF as a top ten globally influencing organization, as well as ID4Africa, Women in Identity, and others. 

WPF has conducted substantive research regarding identity and privacy for nearly 20 years, including original research on India’s Aadhaar biometric system that was cited in the India Supreme Court landmark Aadhaar privacy decision. WPF is actively researching identity system architectures and privacy, as well as safety guardrails for biometric systems, and has been undertaking multi-stakeholder work to find solutions to the pressing privacy challenges that biometrics pose. In 2019, WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon was named by OWI as a “Top 100 people to know in 2019: pioneers who are leading the charge to improve identity.” 

Here is a selection of WPF’s work on privacy and identity systems: