WPF’s contribution to ID4Africa Workshop on Privacy and Data Protection in ID Systems, Nairobi, Kenya 2023

The World Privacy Forum is pleased to provide a summary of Executive Director Pam Dixon’s work in Nairobi, Kenya at the ID4Africa AGM.

Dixon served as the Senior Special Rapporteur for two workshops at the 2023 ID4Africa Annual General Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya 23-25 May. In June, ID4Africa hosted a live cast of  key participants from Workshop 4: Privacy and Data Protection in Identification Systems,  which was chaired by Data Protection Authority Immaculate Kassait, Office of the Data Protection Commissioner of Kenya (ODPC).

The objective of this workshop was to give a voice to the DPAs around Africa and to enable them to shape the development agenda by articulating their concerns and recommendations on acceptable risk mitigation and data protection practices, and key regulatory considerations to be factored into such initiatives. The workshop was an extremely productive conversation, which included topics ranging from inclusion and cost, to the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence, and the need for African Data Protection Authorities to have an equal seat at the table for AI discussions.

The Workshop 4 LiveCast is available online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9VqI85i2i0 

Workshop 4 discussion begins at 1:58:02


This year’s AGM was the second time Dixon has served as Rapporteur for ID4Africa. In 2019, Dixon served as the Rapporteur for the first meeting of the Roundtable of African Data Protection Authorities regarding Identity Ecosystems in Africa. The 2019 rapporteur’s report is available in English and French. 

2019 Roundtable of African Data Protection Authorities regarding Identity Systems and Privacy, ID4Africa, Johannesburg. South Africa