WPF advises HHS regarding proposed changes to standards for privacy under HIPAA

WPF provided detailed comments to the US Department of Health and Human Services regarding its proposal for changes to HIPAA regarding modifications to the Privacy Rule. Specifically, HHS proposed modifications to standards for the privacy of individually identifiable health information. WPF supports many of the changes proposed in the NPRM. In the NPRM’s overview, HHS stated:

“If individuals believe that their Protected Health Information (PHI) may be disclosed without their knowledge or consent to initiate criminal, civil, or administrative investigations or proceedings against them or others based primarily upon their receipt of lawful reproductive health care, they are likely to be less open, honest, or forthcoming about their symptoms and medical history.”

WPF agrees with this statement regarding the chilling effects that medical mistrust can have on all patients and their health outcomes, particularly for those in vulnerable communities that have been impacted by historic and ongoing health disparities.

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