Announcing Senior Ethics and AI Fellow, Emmi Bane

8 September 2023

The World Privacy Forum is pleased to announce the appointment of Senior Ethics and AI Fellow, Emmi Bane. Emmi has a deep foundation in the construction of consent ecosystems, and is proficient in both their technical implementation and the accompanying policy analysis and considerations. At WPF, her forthcoming research, writing, and analysis will critically explore AI, consent, and complex data ecosystems, including addressing their implications for health data ecosystems and people.

More about Emmi Bane

WPF Senior AI and Ethics Fellow Emmi Bane

Emmi Bane, MPH, CIPP, earned undergraduate degrees in Sociology, Psychology and Micro-Molecular Biology at Portland State University, and her Master’s degree in Public Health Genetics at the University of Washington.

Emmi is a privacy sociologist and medical ethicist studying the impact of emerging technologies on social norms, expectations, and health outcomes, primarily in vulnerable and historically exploited populations.

Emmi’s research has covered consent preferences, the nuances and limitations of traditional consent paradigms, the elements of communication and principles based frameworks for consent.

She has helped to architect and implement novel governance programs, data protection schemas, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and data protection legislation.  

Emmi is a frequent panelist on discussions involving sensitive or health data, complex consent models, and evolving technology and ethics. She recently delivered a guest lecture on ethics and AI for an international AI Policy course, a joint effort between CMU and CMKL University.

Emmi will be working with the World Privacy Forum to explore the phenomenology behind our changing relationship with consent, and how new technologies are changing expectations of personal data and data governance.

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