The emergence of Mobile Digital ID in the US context: presentation

WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon will be presenting an overview and discussion of the state of the US digital identity ecosystem at the Federal Identity Forum this week, and how privacy regulations and standards operate within the evolving landscape, including a discussion of the emerging mobile ID landscape in the US. This will be the first of many presentations Dixon will be making on the mID standard in the US (mobile ID), and what the status of its implementation is, including how privacy laws and practices interact with mID in the US context.

Dixon will be joining panel participants:

  • Elizabeth Kelly, Special Assistant to the President, National Economic Counsel, the White House
  • Connie LaSalle, Senior Technology Advisor, NIST
  • Jay Sinha, Senior Counsel DOJ Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
  • Francois Bedard, Franco Canadian Ambassador, DIACC
  • Arun Vemury, DHS
  • Kay Turner, Chief Digital Identity Advisor of FinCEN (Treasury) organized the panel and will be moderating.

WPF Deputy Director Kate Kaye will also be attending the Forum.

Event information:

Quo Vadis Digital Identity?
Wednesday, 6 September, 1- 2 pm.
Federal Identity Forum, 6-7 September, 2023
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