WPF announces participation in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC)

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May 13, 2024
Contact: Pam Dixon
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**The World Privacy Forum is one of more than 200 leading AI stakeholders to help advance the development and deployment of safe, trustworthy AI under new U.S. Government safety institute**

(Portland, Oregon) – The World Privacy Forum is pleased to announce that it has joined more than 200 of the nation’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) stakeholders to participate in a Department of Commerce initiative to support the development and deployment of trustworthy and safe AI. Established by the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on February 8, 2024, the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) brings together AI creators and users, academics, government and industry researchers, and civil society organizations to meet this mission.

“As a public interest research group, the World Privacy Forum is focused on understanding and documenting how complex data ecosystems impact people and privacy,” said Pam Dixon, Executive Director of World Privacy Forum and Principle Investigator for the project. “We are delighted for our team to join the AISIC to work collaboratively on research-driven solutions applicable to the pressing privacy challenges of our time, and to bring the depth of our decades of privacy, data governance, research expertise, and knowledge to the consortium.”

The consortium includes more than 200 member companies and organizations that are on the frontlines of developing and using AI systems, as well as the civil society and academic teams that are building the foundational understanding of how AI can and will transform our society. These entities represent the nation’s largest companies and its innovative startups; creators of the world’s most advanced AI systems and hardware; key members of civil society and the academic community; and representatives of professions with deep engagement in AI’s use today. The consortium also includes state and local governments, as well as non-profits. The consortium will also work with organizations from like-minded nations that have a key role to play in setting interoperable and effective safety around the world.

The full list of consortium participants is available here.

About the World Privacy Forum 

The World Privacy Forum is a non-partisan public interest research group focused on conducting research and analysis on privacy, complex data ecosystems and their governance regarding identity, AI, health, and related subjects. WPF works extensively on privacy and governance across multiple jurisdictions, including the U.S., India, Africa, Asia, the EU, and additional jurisdictions. WPF prepares in-depth, influential studies, including groundbreaking research on health privacy, AI, and identity ecosystems, which includes peer-reviewed work about India’s Aadhaar identity ecosystem cited in the landmark Aadhaar Privacy Opinion of the Indian Supreme Court — and an early and influential report on machine learning and consumer scores. Recently, WPF published Risky Analysis: Assessing and Improving AI Governance Tools, a global analysis of the implementation layer of trustworthy AI. WPF co-chairs the UN Statistics Data Governance and Legal Frameworks working group, and serves as a special advisor to the WHO’s HDC board. At OECD, WPF researchers participate in the OECD.AI Expert Groups, among other activities. WPF participated in the core group of AI experts that worked on the first OECD Recommendation on Artificial Intelligence, now widely viewed as normative principles for AI. Recently, WPF participated in the 2024 update to the OECD AI Recommendation. WPF research on complex data ecosystems governance has been presented at the U.S. National Academies of Science, the Mongolian National Academies of Science, and the Royal Academies of Science.

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