40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, WPF speaking

WPF will be a delegate at the  40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. The conference is held from 22 – 25 Oct., 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Executive Director Pam Dixon will be addressing the main conference, and at two side events.

Tuesday,  23 Oct: Information Accountability Foundation, Ethics by Design: Building A Framework for Ethical Assessments and Data Stewardship

The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38

Co-hosted by Information Accountability Foundation  and The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, China

WPF’s Pam Dixon will be providing commentary on the IAF ethics impact assessment form and proposed framework for Hong Kong’s Data Protection Commissioner.

Thursday, 25 October: Pam Dixon will be addressing the delegates at the capstone panel of the Privacy conference. The topic is towards a new digital Nuremberg Code.

Move Slower and Fix Things

European Parliament Hemicycle

The final session will bring the themes together and attempt to draw conclusions on what needs to be done.

11:00 – 11:45 Discussion with:

  • Pam Dixon, World Privacy Forum
  • Elonnai Hickok, Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Internet and Society India
  • Wojciech Wiewiorowski, Assistant Supervisor at the EDPS
  • Jules Polonetsky, Chief Operating Officer, Future of Privacy Forum

Thursday, 25 October: Mozilla side event,

Stanhope, Rue du Commerce 9

Organised by Mozilla


  • Pam Dixon, World Privacy Forum, Founder and Executive Director
  • Malavika Jayaram, Digital Asia Hub, Executive Director
  • Frederike Kaltheuner, Privacy International, Data Exploitation Programme Lead
  • Alan Davidson, Mozilla Corporation, Vice President, Global Policy, Trust and Security
  • Moderator: Owen Bennett, Mozilla
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