Privacy Course; History of privacy thought, privacy by design; CMU

WPF’s Executive Director is teaching a summer privacy course at Carnegie Mellon University, co-taught with Aleecia McDonald (CMU professor) and Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, (Professor of Law at iHub & iCIS Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands ). The course will begin with Dixon’s segment on privacy thought, history, legislation, and

ID4Africa, Workshops Livecast

WPF participated in the ID4Africa 2022 Livecast EP32 event and gave an intervention and commentary on WPF’s participation in Workshop 2 on Identities and Borders, originally held in Marrakesh, Morocco. See the live cast on YouTube: (WPF Intervention begins at 2:44 )  

ID4Africa Annual General Meeting; WPF participating in Working Group

ID4Africa is holding its annual general meeting 15-16 June, 2022 in Marrakesh, Morocco. WPF will be attending the conference, and will be a participant in the AGM Workshop 1, on the topic of Identity Management for Frictionless Borders. For more information: