Indiana University workshop on health research privacy, WPF participant

WPF will participate in an Indiana University /  Triangle Privacy Research Hub workshop on the issue of health research, privacy, and independent oversight boards. The workshop will review a new study on health research regulation, and will cover the spectrum of issues relating to IRBs. The workshop will be held at the Duke University campus,

Harvard Workshop on Technology Science Research, WPF participant

WPF’s Pam Dixon is participating in a workshop hosted by Harvard professor Dr. Latanya Sweeney. The workshop is focused on technology science problems in the public interest. An outcome of the workshop is launching a new Technology Science Research Collaboration Network. The workshop and research efforts are an outgrowth of the newly-launched Journal of Technology Science

WPF keynote and seminar on scoring in Beijing, China

WPF will be presenting a seminar and keynote on scoring, predictive analytics, and forms of credit scoring to the CCRC in Beijing China. The event will be held at the Minzu Conference Center in central Beijing, and will be attended by journalists as well as invited experts. The seminar will take place December 14, 2015.

WPF keynote speech in London on Big Data and privacy; scholarly publishers

Pam Dixon will be giving a keynote speech to the annual meeting of the world’s leading scholarly publishers. The meeting will be held in the Russell Congress Center, and is by invitation only. Dixon will be presenting new research on analytics, scoring, big data, and how to protect privacy in a “big data analytics” era.