United Nations World Data Forum Webinar: Data Governance and Statistical Legal Frameworks, WPF panelist

This webinar, part of the UN World Data Forum series, will bring together experts to speak and take questions on:

  • the importance and limitations of existing legal and regulatory frameworks on official statistics;
  • the opportunities and challenges of regulatory, institutional and organizational frameworks beyond the law on official statistics for improving data governance;
  • existing experiences on new practices and approaches to modernize data governance in their data ecosystem;
  • efforts to improve the capability of National Statistical Offices to act as data stewards within the broader data ecosystem to secure the development of legal and regulatory frameworks to address common data governance issues.
  • Moderator: Gabriel Gamez, Inter-regional Adviser on Organization and Development of National Statistical Systems, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
  • Panelist: Ieva Zaceste, Director, Legal and Corporate Services Department, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia Presentation
  • Panelist: Aishath Shahuda, Deputy Chief Statistician, Maldives Bureau of Statistics Presentation
  • Panelist: Sieraag de Klerk, Chief Director, Data and information Management, Statistics South Africa Presentation
  • Panelist: Pam Dixon, Executive Director, World Privacy Forum Presentation


  • Posted January 27, 2022 in