WPF Moderating Biometrics & Privacy Frameworks Panel for the Biometric Institute Spring Meeting

Pam Dixon, WPF ED, will be moderating a panel on biometrics and data and privacy protection frameworks at the spring meeting of the Biometrics Institute Tuesday, March 26 at 11:50 am. The focus will be an expert discussion of Federal and state privacy and biometric legislation in the US, including new developments and approaches to principles in biometrics.


Mary Gates Learning Center, 701 North Fairfax Road, Alexandria, VA 22314

  • Moderator: Pam Dixon, Executive Director WPF
  • Debra Bernard, Partner Perkins Coie LLP
  • Joseph Jerome, Policy Counsel, Privacy and Data Project CDT
  • Andrew Kingman, Senior Managing Attorney DLA Piper

The meeting will be held at the Mary Gates Learning Center, 701 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

11:50 AM Discussion: Federal and State biometric legislation

This panel will feature a conversation about federal biometric regulation, a potential federal privacy bill, BIPA in Illinois, and what the landscape looks like in the next 24 months.

Moderator: Pam Dixon, Executive Director, World Privacy Forum

  • Debra Bernard, Partner, Perkins Coie LLP
  • Joseph Jerome, Policy Counsel, Privacy & Data Project, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Andrew Kingman, Senior Managing Attorney, DLA Piper



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