Resume Database Nightmare: Recommendations to Job Seekers

In any job search, it is undeniably important to circulate a resume. However, job seekers need to carefully minimize privacy issues related to resumes while still maintaining appropriate exposure to employers.

It is important for all job seekers to understand that resume databases vary widely in privacy practices and controls. Learning to choose a quality job search site and resume database with good privacy practices has become an important part of your job search if you plan to use the Internet as a job search tool.

Resume Database Nightmare: Contributors

The Honorable Judge Barbara Rothstein’s docket clerk provided valuable assistance to researchers, as well as a timely copy of the Medzilla, Inc. v Optimum Intelligence LLC, et al Case No. CO2-2122R docket.

Claudia B. Farrell of the FTC assisted in identifying documentation for researchers.

Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, made significant and helpful contributions to this document.