Video – Biometric Series: Automatic Border Control Entry Point Demo (Facial Recognition)


The World Privacy Forum participated in Biometrics 2013 in London. We spoke on a panel on privacy and biometrics, and we explored the newest advances in biometric technologies at the conference exhibition.

This video is of an automatic border control entry point demo, along with examples of real-world installations of automated facial recognition-based entry systems. This technology collects facial recognition information from the people passing through a checkpoint to allow or disallow entry. This “ABC” type of technology is used at entrances to places such as commercial companies, border crossings, and airports.

The automatic biometrics collection unit in this video can collect facial biometric information and demographic information. Soon, the ABC unit will be able to also collect iris scans. ABC units typically compare the biometrics information of the person entering the checkpoint to a biometric database for identity comparison. This video shows this happening in real time. Note: You’ll hear the term “enrollment” in the video — enrollment here means the person’s faceprint has been entered into a biometric database, typically for identity comparison purposes.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.28.20 AM

An automatic border control entry point in action. This technology collects facial biometrics of the people passing through the checkpoint. The images are compared to an ID to confirm identity. This demo is of a border crossing or airport use of ABC biometric technology.

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