Video: Robots and remote doctor visits — telemedicine updates (CES 2015, interview, Double Robotics)

This video is part of our Health Technology series which explores emerging and important health technologies

Telemedicine is all about finding solutions for the times when a visit to a doctor’s office isn’t possible, and a phone call isn’t enough for a visual diagnosis. Sleek wheeled robots that allow for visual communication is one of the new ways being used to connect doctors and patients. The Mayo Clinic, Kaiser, and other health providers are in testing to see how doctors can use telemedicine robots to conduct patient interactions. In this video, the company Double Robotics walks us through how the robots look, move, and operate (via an iPad) and how they are already being used in clinical settings today.

In this video filmed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, we explore the tele health robots, what they can do, how they are being used in clinical settings today, and more.

Watch the video: Robots and remote doctor visits: telemedicine updates (2:55)

Producer: Blake Hamilton


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