Video: The New World of Health Sensors

This video is part of our Health Technology series which explores emerging and important health technologies

Health sensors — devices that can detect blood pressure and other bio readings — have advanced tremendously in the past few years. While many are familiar with fitness devices that monitor activities such as number of footsteps, new and very sophisticated sensors are gathering much more detailed and intensive information. For example, clinical-grade optical sensors can measure a variety of bio-readings to new degrees of accuracy and detail.

In this video filmed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, we explore some of the new sensors, what they can measure, how they have been used in clinical settings in the past, what role predictive analytics plays, and more.

Watch the video:  The New World of Health Sensors (3:25)

Producer: Blake Hamilton

Optical sensors

The New World of Video Sensors — Health Tech Video Series by World Privacy Forum  

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