Fall 2015 Calendar Updates: WPF events and activities

WPF has a busy fall line-up of publications and presentations. Here are some highlights of upcoming events where WPF is presenting:

15 September, Washington DC: WPF is a panelist at the Biometrics Institute forum discussion on facial recognition. More here.

26 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: WPF is a commenter at the Privacy Law Scholar’s Conference. More here.

28-29 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: WPF is participating at the 37th International Data Protection & Privacy Commissioner’s Conference. More here.

30 October, Washington, DC: WPF is a panelist at the FTC’s Lead Generation Workshop. More here.

12 November, Vancouver, Canada: Pam Dixon is a panelist at the The Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia’s conference, Privacy and Access 20/20, The Future of Privacy. More here.

30 November, Paris, France: WPF is participating as a member of the OECD Health Data Uses expert advisory group regarding development of a draft OECD Council recommendation.

02 December, London, UK: Pam Dixon is presenting a keynote address to STM, the leading global trade association for academic and professional publishers. More here.