World Privacy Forum in the news: spring update

Here is a spring 2018 update on a selection of privacy stories WPF has been quoted in over the past few months, many of them quoting our work on privacy. For more articles, see our full World Privacy Forum in the News page.

In you missed our recent posts on data ethics and our test of the the new online privacy analysis tool PriBot, they are still fresh!

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY, 04 March 2018, FTC OKs Sears request to use tracking software without fully informing consumers.

NYTID.NO, 01 March 2018, For Var (The Art of Invisibility) , Anrike Visser. (in Norwegian)

THE WASHINGTON POST, 23 February 2018, Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse, Peter Holley.

THE NATIONAL LAW REVIEW, 23 February 2018, Information injury workshop covers non-financial harms faced by consumers.

NEWS 12 NEW JERSEY, 09 February 2018, Fake debt collector scam calls.

THE CREDENTIALED, 09 February 2018, What’s next for ID systems? Kate Kay interviews Pam Dixon. (Podcast)

HEALTH AND MEDICINE, 06 February 2018, Votre voiture est piegee. (in French)

PORTLAND MONTHLY, 30 January 2018, Portland’s brand new design program for busy people.

KFOX14, 24 January 2018, KFOX Investigates: Data Brokers, Genevieve Curtis.

NATURALNEWS.COM, 23 January 2018, Your car is a double agent; Internet connectivity allows it to monitor and report your location and driving habits.

LOWELL SUN ONLINE, 21 January 2018, The prize is size: Online retailers want your digits.

ASHARQ AL-ASWAT, 18 January 2018, Warning…Your Car will Spy on You within Five Years, Washington – Mohammad Ali Salih.

AOL UK , 17 January 2018, Could your car be spying on you?, Staff writer.

WASHINGTON POST, Companies are racing to gather a newly prized currency Our body measurements
Corporate harvesting of our body data, including our faces and fingerprints, is raising privacy concerns. How much sharing is too much? DREW HARWELL.

DAILY MAIL, 16 January 2018, How your car spies on you, Harry Pettit.

TAMPABAY.COM, 16 January 2018, this is why your car company may know more about you than your spouse.

ECONOMIC TIMES, 11 January 2018, Fixing flaws, adhering to security and privacy key to Aadhaar’s future.

FORTUNE, 09 January 2018, A New Law Could Make Flying Domestic Harder.

BLOOMBERG, 08 January 2018, Flying Domestic May Get Harder Thanks to Driver’s License Law, Justin Bachman.

THE CHEAT SHEET, 04 January 2018, This is the shadiest thing you never knew about Papa John’s.

SLATE, 29 December 2018, Spit and Take.

UNDARK MAGAZINE, 28 December 2017, The Present and Future Asymmetry of Consumer Genetic Testing, Michael Schulson

KFOX14, 13 December 2017, Investigates: Disturbing ads on kid’s apps, Genevieve Curtis.