WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon to testify before US Senate on privacy, predictive analytics, and data brokers

Pam Dixon, WPF Executive Director, is testifying before the US Senate Banking Committee today on the topic of privacy, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, data brokers, and predictive analytics. “I am pleased to have the opportunity to discuss our research and what we have documented about the privacy of Americans in a predictive analytics era,” said Dixon. “This is a vital topic that touches all of us in our daily lives, and can even influence our dreams for the future.”

Dixon will be discussing new research, as well as The Scoring of America report in her testimony. The testimony will be before the full committee.

United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

Data Brokers and the Impact on Financial Data Privacy, Credit, Insurance, Employment, and Housing

Tuesday June 11, 2019

10 am, Dirksen Senate Office Building 538

For video, and testimony, see the Committee page .