C20 – G20 Global Dialogue on Health, WPF statement

On August 4, 2021, WPF participated as a member of the Civil20 – G20 Global Dialogue on Health. The dialogue was moderated by C20 Global Health co-chair Rachel Ong, with concluding comments by co-chair Kurt Frieder. Davide La Cecilia, Diplomatic adviser to the Italian Minister for Health and former Ambassador of Italy to Ukraine, participated from the G20. The C20-G20 Dialogues are a key part of the policy process culminating in the G20 meetings in October.

WPF Statement at the Global Dialogue on Health:

“The global pandemic has revealed meaningful gaps in local, regional, national, and global public health and health care systems. As Ambassador La Cecilia has eloquently stated in this meeting, health data ecosystems are now in the process of undergoing rapid changes at multiple levels. As countries strive to adapt and finance improved systems, we must ensure that improved health systems serve people and the planet, are trustworthy, fair and non-biased, and include robust health data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, and data equity built in to the ecosystem. These qualities are essential to earn and keep patients’ and other stakeholders’ trust in health ecosystems, which is a crucial component for success against COVID-19 and other pressing health challenges.”