World Privacy Forum and Electronic Frontier Foundation File Public Comments on REAL ID

REAL ID | National ID — The World Privacy Forum and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed joint comments with the Department of Homeland Security about the proposed national ID system, REAL ID. The comments discuss the substantial flaws in the proposed REAL ID system including concerns about the overall structure of the program, the cards, the databases attached to the cards, the lack of controls on “function creep,” the possibilities for discrimination, the potential for increased risk of identity theft, issues related to potential gaps in coverage for recipients on Federal programs, among other issues.


REAL ID — REAL ID is a national ID card program. Currently, the Department of Homeland Security is accepting public comments on the REAL ID plan. Comments will be accepted until Tuesday, May 8. The World Privacy Forum has joined with a large coalition of groups to solicit public comments on REAL ID; to file comments, please visit the Speak Out Against REAL ID coalition page for more information. http://www.privacycoalition.org/stoprealid/

Launch of the WPF Discussion Forum: The Paradox of Consent, analysis by Bob Gellman

Discussion Forum: Consent and Privacy — World Privacy Forum launches its Discussion Forum with an inaugural paper by Robert Gellman on the complexities of consent in the privacy sphere. Gellman’s analysis focuses on the core privacy issues underlying “The Maine Incident,” that is, Maine’s historic 1998 passage of medical privacy legislation, and the subsequent repealing of key aspects of that legislation two weeks after it was enacted. Issues related to consent were key factors in the Maine events.

Update: World Privacy Forum’s National Health Information Network Timeline

National Health Information Network — Recently, the first live prototypes of the NHIN were demonstrated in Washington, D.C. This was a milestone event in the development of the planned network. The National Health Information Network is an ambitious project the U.S. government undertook in 2004 to digitize and network patient health records across the nation. This project raises challenging confidentiality, privacy, and security issues.

Genetic Privacy Page

Genetic privacy | medical privacy — The World Privacy Forum has published a new page on genetic privacy outlining basic policy issues and collecting World Privacy Forum work in the area. The page also links to key external research being done in privacy and genetics, and also links to key organizations doing work in this area in the U.S. and the U.K.