Resume Database Nightmare: Introduction

Pam Dixon, during the course of researching a separate study of resume databases, has discovered serious consumer privacy issues in resume databases that rise to the level of deserving immediate consumer notice. This report, below, highlights her findings.

The report itself is comprised of a consumer notice, which is based primarily on public documents. The report also contains policy recommendations and job seeker tips.

Resume Database Nightmare: “Resume Sale” at

According to legal documents, sold 4,941 resumes and/or email addresses to for .33 cents each in a sale that was invoiced on November 30, 2002. This invoice was made public and was published as part of a lawsuit against Mr. Monastra ( Medzilla vs. Optimum Intelligence et al .) [10]. The invoice was noted as a “resume sale” and it was marked as paid. A copy of the invoice is in Appendix A.