Timeline: The evolution of a job scam

Job applicant rights and privacy — This visual timeline chronicles a year of a job scam. The timeline documents the cities the fake jobs were targeting, dates the jobs posted, the various company names the scam operated under, and the contact names used in the scam. The job scam timeline is documented with screen shots of the job listings and how they looked as posted. The scam is still active.

WHOIS database privacy issues

Online privacy and WHOIS database — In comments submitted to ICANN’s Task Forces 1 and 2 on the WHOIS Database, the World Privacy Forum has asked for tiered access to domain registry information. This would allow domain registrants the ability to keep home phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses private. The WPF has also asked that personal information in the WHOIS database not be made available to marketers.

Public Comments: July 2004 – Whois Task Force 1 Preliminary Report

The WHOIS database contains registry data for individuals and companies that have registered domain names. Many individuals who have registered domain names and who have put accurate information in the registry do not realize that this information is available to the public, and is used by marketing companies. The WPF supports creating a tiered access system to WHOIS data that will protect domain registrants’ sensitive personal information.