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Top Ten Opt Outs: Updates

We have updated a popular page at World Privacy Forum, our Top Ten Opt Outs. This page has been in publication since 2007. Today, we treat the Top Ten Opt Outs as a living document, and update it frequently. If you have questions about any of the opt outs, please contact us, and we will

New updates to our Top Ten Opt Out Tips for Consumers

We have updated our popular Top Ten Opt Outs page for consumers. All of the links are fresh, and we have updated the text where it had gotten stale. I am frequently asked which of the opt outs is the most important. Really, that will depend on what is important for you. In general, though,

Consumer Tips: World Privacy Forum’s Top Ten Opt Outs

Many people have told us that they think opting out is confusing. We agree. Opting out can range from the not-too-difficult (the FTC’s Do Not Call list is a fairly simple opt out) to the challenging (the National Advertising Initiative opt out can be tricky). Our hope is that this list will clarify which opt out does what, and how to go about opting out.