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Legal and Policy Analysis: Personal Health Records: Why Many PHRs Threaten Privacy

New publication | PHRs and privacy — The World Privacy Forum has published a new legal and policy analysis examining Personal Health Records — or PHRs — and the privacy issues associated with them. This analysis, Personal Health Records: Why Many PHRs Threaten Privacy, was prepared by Robert Gellman for the World Privacy Forum. The analysis finds that significant, serious threats to privacy exist in some PHRs.

Updates to Top Ten Opt-Out List

Opt-out | Financial privacy — The World Privacy Forum has updated its popular Top Ten Opt Out list to reflect several new change made to the Direct Marketing Association opt outs. In the past, some of the DMA opt-outs, like the Direct Marketing Association’s mailing preference lists, used to cost $1. That fee has now been removed for people opting out online. Please see item #3 on the Opt Out list for the complete update.

World Privacy Forum’s Top Ten Opt Out List

Top ten opt out list — This is a list of what top things to opt out of, and how to opt out. Millions of people have heard about the Do Not Call list, an opt out list that gets people off of telemarketing lists. But many fewer people have heard about the other opt outs that are available, like those that can take people out of data broker lists or opt outs that can stop schools from giving out directory information like email and home addresses. Opting out can range from the not-too-difficult (the Do Not Call list is a fairly simple opt out) to the challenging. This list is meant to simplify the information about which opt out does what, to help decide if a particular opt out is the right choice, and how to go about opting out.

How to say no to the cookies that track you

Consumer tips on managing cookies — Some computer cookies are harmless, but others can track your moves across many Web sites, eventually building a detailed history of your preferences. The good news is that you can manage these persistent tracking cookies to some degree. To do this, you need to know how to say no to the third party tracking cookies you don’t want while still allowing yourself to say yes to the cookies you do want. There are several ways to do this. One way is to download “opt-out cookies.” Another way is to use your browser’s cookie management tools to manage your cookies. Another method is to regularly delete unwanted cookies. In some cases, you can stop tracking through account preferences at some web sites.