WPF panelist, Center for Global Development

Pam Dixon is speaking on a panel at the Center for Global Development, Data Governance & Economic Development. The event will be held at 12pm October 16 at the Center’s conference facilities in Washington DC. Center for Global Development 2055 L Street NW Washington, DC For more information, please visit cgdev.org  

WPF participating in Oregon AG Privacy Task Force

The Oregon Attorney General has convened a privacy task force with a Central Table of ten members to discuss privacy issues in the state of Oregon. WPF has been selected as a member of the Central Table, and will provide privacy expertise to the group. The first meeting of the Oregon AG privacy task force

WPF analysis of privacy and biometrics in the US: Presentation

Pam Dixon, ED of the World Privacy Forum, will present a detailed analysis of privacy and biometrics in the US. The talk will outline key biometric misunderstandings, key risks, priorities for solutions, and key solutions that already exist. WPF has done extensive work in biometrics, including original research on the Aadhaar biometric ID in India

Portland City Forum on Surveillance Technologies; WPF invited participant

WPF will be participating in the Surveillance Technologies Community Forum coordinated by the City of Portland’s Smart City PDX and the Office of Equity and Human Rights. The City of Portland’s Smart City PDX program and the Office of Equity and Human Rights are convening the invitation-only community forum on Surveillance and Facial Recognition Technologies in

WPF Keynote, Modern Privacy and Governance

Keynote, Modern Privacy and Governance, Radar First  Portland, OR  Pam Dixon presented a keynote speech on modern privacy and governance to the RadarFirst users meeting. This speech outlined WPF’s work on Voluntary Consensus Standards and data governance as well as identity ecosystems, health data, data brokers, and AI/Machine Learning. August 6, 2019, by invitation only