Biometrics Institute Congress, WPF presenting 

Executive Director Pam Dixon will be speaking at the Biometrics Institute Congress during Biometrics Week, October 28-30. “I am pleased to be speaking at the international biometrics Congress regarding the vital issue of ethics and social impact of biometrics,” said Pam Dixon. “Biometrics are increasingly used in everyday situations, and are having equally increasing impacts.”

WPF/Brookings Biometric Roundtable at ICDPPC

The World Privacy Forum and the Brookings Institution will co-host a Biometric Roundtable Wednesday, October 23 at the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners’ Conference in Tirana, Albania. Cam Kerry of Brookings and Pam Dixon of WPF will co-moderate the discussion. The purpose of the Biometrics Roundtable is to promote a dialogue between the data

Pam Dixon to speak at EDPS event at 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

The European Data Protection Supervisor is holding an event on digital rights and the climate crisis at ICDPPC Tuesday, 22 October in Tirana, Albania. Participants include Pam Dixon, WPF, Patricia Poku, DPA of Ghana, Christian d’Cuhna, Head of Private Office, EDPS (Moderator), Rumman Chowdhury, Responsible AI lead, Accenture, Michael O’Flaherty, Director Fundamental Rights Agency. When:

WPF panelist, Center for Global Development

Pam Dixon is speaking on a panel at the Center for Global Development, Data Governance & Economic Development. The event will be held at 12pm October 16 at the Center’s conference facilities in Washington DC. Center for Global Development 2055 L Street NW Washington, DC For more information, please visit  

WPF participating in Oregon AG Privacy Task Force

The Oregon Attorney General has convened a privacy task force with a Central Table of ten members to discuss privacy issues in the state of Oregon. WPF has been selected as a member of the Central Table, and will provide privacy expertise to the group. The first meeting of the Oregon AG privacy task force