OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting

The World Privacy Forum with ADC have been designated as the Civil Society Heads of Delegation for the OECD Ministerial. Pam Dixon, Executive Director of WPF and Valeria Milanes, Executive Director of ADC will be the delegates on site in Gran Canaria. For this event, WPF and ADC have collaborated on a global research project

WHO Constituency Meeting, WPF co-chair

Who: World Health Organization What: Meeting of constituency groups; Pam Dixon (WPF)  and Kathleen Gallagher (CDC)  co-chairs When: 6 October 2022 Where: Virtual The WHO is convening a meeting to update the broader constituency in research, academia, and technical networks regarding the outputs of the in-person meeting of stakeholder leadership that took place in Geneva,

OECD Roundtable: WPF expert member and participant, Cross-Border Cooperation in the Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy

WPF is a member of OECD’s Expert Group that is evaluating and updating OECD’s Recommendation on Cross-Border Co-operation in the Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy. To inform this review, OECD has invited Data Protection Authorities and other key experts to participate in a multi-stakeholder Roundtable on Cross-Border Cooperation. The Roundtable experts will help guide the OECD’s discussions

OECD Committee on Digital and Economic Policy, fall meeting, WPF participant

The OECD will be holding its fall CDEP meetings 27-28 September, 2022. The event will be virtual only. WPF is a formal stakeholder member of OECD through CSISAC, and is on the Steering Committee of CSISAC. WPF’s Pam Dixon will be making interventions on certain agenda topics during the meeting. What: OECD fall CDEP meetings

WHO Stakeholders Representatives in-person meeting

The World Health Organization’s Stakeholder’s Representatives Group (SRG) and Working Group Co-chairs will meet in person 28-29 September for the first time in four years. The SDG GAP Data and Digital (D+D) multilateral and Global Health Initiative members are also represented. This meeting provides an opportunity for all members, through their constituency representatives, to review