ID4Africa: Expert takeaways on risks in identity systems, WPF panelist

ID4Africa’s season 4 opening LiveCast episode kicks off 26 January 2022 with a discussion and debate with Dr. Joseph Atick and his panel of community experts on the key takeaways from  The Dark Side of Identity Trilogy. Join us for insights extracted from 2021’s most talked about LiveCast series.   Expert Panel: Dr. Alan Gelb, Center

WHO, workgroup participant

What: WHO Data Governance working group WPF will participate as a delegate in the World Health Organizations Data Governance Workgroup meeting in ongoing work on health data governance. When: 9 September 2021. Where: Geneva, Switzerland and virtual

OECD.AI, workgroup participant

What: OECD.AI, Working Group on implementing trustworthy AI. WPF is a participant and delegate at the OECD in the OECD.AI network of experts in the working group on implementing trustworthy AI. This ongoing work seeks to implement the now final and ratified OECD Guidelines on AI. WPF was an active member of the OECD’s Artificial

Atlantic Council, roundtable speaker

What: Atlantic Council, Roundtable, the future of standards in technology When: 30 August 2021 Where: Washington DC and virtual WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon is an invited speaker along with futurist Paul Saffo to a roundtable on the future of standards in technology. This roundtable is the third in a series on standards. The event

Civil20 and G20 Dialogue, WPF health privacy intervention

What: C20 Dialogue with the G20 Sherpa  WPF is participating in the Civil20 Working Group in the series of meetings culminating in the G20 meetings to be held in Rome, Italy in October 2021. In this meeting, WPF made an intervention regarding health privacy. WPF statement:  “Accurate, timely, secure, and trustworthy health information ecosystems are