Biometric Institute: biometric regulation in the US

When: 29 June 2021 Who: Biometric Institute, US Member Meeting What: WPF will be speaking on a panel at the Biometric Institute US Member Meeting regarding biometric regulation and practices in the US, with a look toward solutions.  See:

OECD: Trustworthy AI implementation

OECD One AI Working Group on Implementing Trustworthy AI WPF is a delegate to the One AI Working Group on trustworthy AI implementation, which is part of OECD’s AI Policy Observatory. This meeting is by invitation only. The substance of the workgroup’s output may be viewed at the OECD AI Observatory.  Date: 25 June 2021

Digital Trade Rules, Digital Policy Norms, and Consequences for Economic Development; roundtable, WPF moderating

The Center for Global Development is hosting a global roundtable, Digital Trade Rules, Digital Policy Norms, and Consequences for Economic Development. The event will take place Thursday, June 24, 8:00am to 10:00am EST, and is the second roundtable event in the CGD Working Group on Governing Data for Development, . The roundtable is by invitation

WPF presenting at OECD & Global Privacy Assembly workshop on the data governance and privacy implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

One Year Later: Addressing the Data Governance and Privacy Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Road to Recovery  Meeting hosts: OECD Working Party on Data Governance and Privacy in the Digital Economy & Global Privacy Assembly  WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon will be presenting an intervention on behalf of CSISAC, which is the OECD

Brookings Roundtable on Global Privacy

The Brookings Institution is holding a private roundtable on global privacy on Wednesday, June 9, moderated by Cam Kerry. WPF will be attending. The roundtable will explore the effects of the CJEU’s Schrems II decision on non-U.S. countries, and associated issues.  When: 9 June 2021  Where: Brookings Institution, Washington DC and virtual  The event is