ID4Africa Annual General Meeting; WPF participating in Working Group

ID4Africa is holding its annual general meeting 15-16 June, 2022 in Marrakesh, Morocco. WPF will be attending the conference, and will be a participant in the AGM Workshop 1, on the topic of Identity Management for Frictionless Borders. For more information:        

OECD Expert Group meeting re: Cross – Border Cooperation, WPF delegate

OECD 1st Expert Group meeting; Cross – Border Cooperation in the Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy  7 June 2022 | 2-3:30 pm, CET  Paris, France and virtual  The World Privacy Forum has been selected as a civil society delegate for OECD’s revision of its Recommendation on Cross-Border Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy.  WPF is a delegate on

Oregon AG Privacy Task Force: Meeting Announcement

WPF is a member of the Oregon Attorney General’s Central Table Privacy Task Force. We will be attending the Oregon AG meeting to be held 6 June, 2022. Meeting: Oregon DOJ, Date and Time: 6 June 2022, 1 pm. This meeting is open to relevant stakeholders. For more information, contact the Oregon Department of Justice.