WPF speaking at National Press Club

WPF’s Executive Director Pam Dixon is speaking at the National Press Club in Washington DC today along with Jessica Rich, Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission as part of a DDMI discussion about privacy standards and balances for the uses of data in todays digital world. 8:00 -11:00 am. Dixon will be discussing privacy standards,

WPF Speaking at Biometrics 2013, London, 15 October

October 2013: Pam Dixon is speaking at Biometrics 2013 in London with Dr. Joseph Atick and Dr. Emilio Mordini, Director, Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, Italy. The topic is Privacy at the Cross Road: A Debate on Frameworks. As biometrics become part of our daily lives, the issue of privacy and the protection of personal identifiable information

Pam Dixon on Wisconsin NPR: Who’s tracking you as you shop? (And how?)

Retail privacy | Executive director Pam Dixon will be on Wisconsin NPR at 6 am Central Tuesday, July 30 to discuss the privacy issues consumers face with the growing sophistication of consumer retail tracking technology in stores. “Most people do not realize that as they shop, retailers are increasingly using a variety of tracking techniques ranging from digital signage with cameras to technology that tracks the movement of their mobile phones over time,” said Pam Dixon. “In our research, we have found some very large stores using these technologies, but it is rare for a store to provide notification to consumers, and rarer still to let consumers opt out — or better yet, opt in to this technology.”